Posted by: computerforelderly | October 14, 2008

A friendly computer for our elderly

Eldy is since 2006 the first software dedicated to the elderly

the square - the main interface of ELDY

Eldy brings elderly to use computer and to enjoy the internet revolution.

Eldy allows the elderly to easy access all most important functions: email(any pop3/imap account), chat, browsing internet, weather, text editor, streaming and a lot more, even a skype interface!

Eldy is freeware in Java and works on Linux and Windows.
Eldy has hundreds of thousands of elderly users worldwide.

Eldy is perpetual free of charge and free from commercials.

check out more:

-view Eldy Presentation, as from our CEO ing Enrico Neri’s speech at Walsall Deaf, UK (16-9-2008)

-view Eldy Presentation, as from our CEO ing Enrico Neri’s speech at iAfiel Brussel Conference (17-7-2008)

-download–> Eldy 1.6 in English

-download–> Eldy 1.6 in French

-download–> Eldy 1.6 in Dutch

-get instruction for Eldy – Linux –>

-see Eldy cases page at

Elderly want to learn, if they are given something that makes sense and that is fun.

Eldy is easy and fun, because the computer gets easy and friendly. The computer for the elderly we have designed and developed and distributed since 2006 is free because internet is free for us. The seniors can enjoy the GUI and features for free because we all enjoy Youtube or skype for free, … so why should they pay for just a easy interface?

Seniors, get to the computer and enjoy. there’s a full world to discover. The world of free communication, infinite information, neverending news… welcome to Internet of people.

Posted by: computerforelderly | October 29, 2008

What is Eldy?

Eldy is the name of the project, the name of the freeware software and the name of the no-profit organization behind the initiative.

Eldy is a project to bring elderly to an enriching web and computer experience. Sometimes seniors are in situation of solitude and this is not good. Eldy is the solution for this problem. Eldy allows communication between seniors.

With Eldy, senior can use email, browse the web, chat, get weather info, see digital pictures, streaming, etc.   Eldy was created especially for elderly, in fact Eldy was very easy: there are big and colored icons in a friendly language.